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Know Jesus Today

Knowing Jesus as your personal savior will change your life! And Jesus offers eternal life!
Knowing Him today is so simple.

It starts with a heart that says "I don't understand it all... But I know that there's something about you Jesus." Jesus gave us everything when he died on the cross! The Bible says that He took our place! "Why would he need to do that?" ...You might ask. God designed us with Free-Will instead of making us like robots that have to obey him. -Thank you God! So because we have a Free-Will, we can decide to be good or bad. But how can we possibly decide what is good and bad? Does it change with time or culture? That's why we look to the Bible. Jesus said, "There is no one good... Not One." What kind of God would make people who have the power to choose, but can never be good, even if they choose to try? God made a way! Even though we can never be good, Jesus is! And He, being without sin, endured capital punishment in our place. Capital punishment is usually given to a person who has committed the most horrific crimes. Jesus paid our price for even the worst sinners. So no matter what you've done, or who you are today, Jesus has already Paid The Price! But before you say... "I'm a good person," remember what Jesus said, "There is no one good." Jesus takes our tiny sins and our big sins, and throws them away forever!
Accept this gift from Jesus today.

Pray this prayer:
Jesus, I accept you into my heart today. Forgive me for my sins. Thank you for dying for me and giving me eternal life. Take my life and make something of it. Amen!